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Celebration IS the way through! 

Celebration IS the way through.

Celebration IS the way through.

We are doing a celebration dance over here in honor of YOUR awesome support commitment to celebrating the human dignity to #PeeInPeace.

We invite you to take a
peaceful pee break
while your free gift downloads




Now that you’ve finished your downloading break, watch your email in-box, on our website at the PeeInPeace page, and via our social media spots for messages inspired by our peaceful celebrators. If you donated $100 or more, you will find your sponsorship listed here.

Would you do us quick favor before you move on peacefully with your day?

Will you take a moment to share our IndieGoGo campaign before December 22, 2015  to let people know about our #PeeInPeace campaign? 

With Gratitude & Celebration!

Melita Noël Cantú, MA 
CEO & Founder
Creating safety and dignity for those in the shadows.

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