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Sally & Melita dancing

Sally Ember, Ed.D.: Featured Guest for Chat #1 (Season 2)

Season Two launched with a special guest we met along the way during our Celebration Tour!

Season Two officially launched with special guest Sally Ember, Ed.D., author, educator, and HOA host of Changes: Conversations Between Authors.

We celebrated live on Thursday, September 17, 2015, by webcasting on Blab!

Check out the replays:

  • Look at the live comments and watch the video of our 55 minute chat here.
  • Listen to the audio recording here.
  • Watch the video clip here.

    Video Clip: Defining Sexual Identity

    Video Clip: Defining Sexual Identity

Connect with Sally here.

What We’ll Be Talking About in Season Two
Each month in Season Two, we’ll be diving deeper into our discoveries from the Celebration Tour 2015.

To launch our new season we wanted to explore some of the most common questions we covered last year in Season One, give you insight into the many reasons we align ourselves with the rainbow, and lay the groundwork for our next-level conversations focusing on the Celebration Tour.

Click here for a Rainbow Video Clip Q&A with Melita about DSG

Click here for a Rainbow Video Clip Q&A with Melita about DSG

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Laverne Cox on "I Am Jazz"

Day 1: I Am Jazz

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Day 1
I Am Jazz
by Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings
Day1_IAmJazz_Censored2Celebrated_aBookaDay (1)

With gratitude to
Susie (copy in Biloxi, MS)
Jessica Herthel (copy in Brookline, MA)

for this life-changing donation!

UPDATE: July 2015
Jazz featured on ABC News about her show on TLC!

Be the Change
This book  has made a huge difference in my family’s life, and across the US and beyond. It was published in September 2014. Amazingly, as I was in the process of writing this blog, a friend sent me this video.

Here, I Am Jazz was performed by 5th graders in my friend’s community in December 2014. Talk about dramatic impact – within 3 months of publication!

Favorite Quote
Here Charles Girard, Welcoming Schools Project Coordinator, writes about the play performed at the Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, CA:

Right before the play ends and the class dances with a little help from Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” Jazz’s character addresses the audience:

“I don’t mind being different. Different is special. I think what matters most is what a person is like inside. And, inside, I’m proud of who I am.”

These inspiring words go beyond Jazz’s gender identity – they show the real changes that today’s youth are seeing as they grow up in a culture that is increasingly embracing – and celebrating – diversity.

As Charles Girard notes, our youth are “increasingly embracing – and celebrating –  diversity.” Indeed, they are teaching the rest of us – bravely, beautifully and courageously.

Thanks Jazz, the youth at Malcolm X Elementary School, and all of you who are celebrating diversity in ways both big and small.

Every little bit of celebration you can offer to an individual, your community, or to yourself helps. Just look at the impact a book with only 32 pages is making!

How Do You Celebrate Diversity?
Do you have a favorite book that celebrates diversity? Have you read I Am Jazz?

Share in the comments how this, or another book, has changed – or even saved – a life. I will be highlighting your celebratory quotes about books I feature in my book-a-day blog.

Click the image below to support the Celebration Tour.

What's your favorite book for youth of DSG?

Click here to donate a book to change – even save – a life!

Thank you for your generosity!

In celebration~



Click here to gift this book, or another book, to the Celebration Tour!

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Change a Life, Donate A Book

A Book Can Change Your Life

How can a book change – or even save – a life?
As my family and I prepare for our Celebration Tour in mid-June, we will be featuring  a book-a-day. Each donated book will be gifted to a library in one of the 25 states and 2 provinces we visit.

The books celebrate themes of Diverse Sexuality & Gender (DSG), and are all gifted from our incredibly supportive community. Many of these books are gifted in honor of a family member or friend. Books can – and do – change lives.

Laverne Cox says it so clearly when she writes about Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings’ book I Am Jazz:  “I wish I had had a book like this when I was a kid struggling with gender identity questions.”

Laverne Cox quote about "I Am Jazz"

Like inspiring people, like art, like music, books don’t just change lives – they even save lives.

HRC Research on 10,000 Youth
According to recent ground-breaking research by the Human RIghts Commission, 92% of LGBT youth “say they hear negative messages about being LGBT” mainly from “school, the Internet, and their peers.” 42% of the youth surveyed report that they live in communities that are not accepting of LGBT people. If you would like to hear more in-depth experiences from these youth, watch this video clip from my interview with Amy André, sexuality educator and advocate.

What happens when we counter these harmful, censoring messages by offering gifts of celebration? With words that are freely accessible in every community, but still private enough to access without fear of censorship? Libraries can offer such a safe haven, and books offer such a celebration.

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

Join us in celebrating Diverse Sexuality & Gender!

A Book A Day

Until we head out for our celebratory road trip adventure, I will:

  1. share a donated book-a-day
  2. give gratitude to its donor, and
  3. share a favorite quote

Read all the #aBookaDay posts here.

How Do You Celebrate Diversity?

Share in the comments how books have changed – or even saved – your life. I will be highlighting your celebratory quotes about books I feature in my #aBookaDay blog.

Click to find out how you can support the Celebration Tour.

Thank you for your generosity!

In celebration~

PS: Click here to gift this book, or another book, to a library along the Celebration Tour!

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

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