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Here are Censored2Celebrated, we want to CELEBRATE you for a long, long time.

We all need help sometimes. We all need connection with others. We know that a phone call or chatting by text message can save your life.

Here are some LGBTQ+ resources if you need to connect RIGHT NOW:

GLBT National Help Center
GLBT National Hotline: 888-843-4564
GLBT National Youth Talkline: 800-246-PRIDE (7743)
Providing free & confidential peer-support

Click here to connect to the private chat option:

The Trevor Lifeline at 866.4.U.TREVOR
For those seeking immediate help, please visit or call The Trevor Lifeline, toll-free, 24/7 at 1.866.488.7386.

We want to CELEBRATE YOU for a long, long time, so remember…

  • Breathing slow deep breaths can help.
  • Focusing on doing something kind for your body can help.
    Some ideas: 
    take a shower/bath, give yourself a foot rub, read a book, take a nap, dance to, or sing, a song, eat a nourishing meal, learn about the power of empathy, take a walk, find something beautiful to look at, watch something hopeful like an “It Gets Better” video, daydream…
  • Connecting with a supportive friend, family or community member can help.
    Some ideas:
  • PFLAG is the largest family and ally organization based in the US. It unites people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) with families, friends, and allies. Get support here.
  • SanghaLink: Our community platform helps LGBTIQIA students from different schools join together in dealing with matters unique to their metropolitan area.
  • Here in Austin, LifeWorks & The Human Empathy Project are great community resources.

You can always call 911 if you are in a life-threatening situation.


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We want to CELEBRATE YOU for a long, long time!

What would it feel/look like for you to be celebrated for your WHOLE self?

Share how you’d like to be celebrated HERE!

Sometimes a book can change or save your life.


Share what book changed/saved your life HERE!

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