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Austin: We’ve got an answer!


Thanks to Austin’s signage ordinance, AISD students and staff can #peeinpeace.

Support the basic human dignity
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Celebrating and Supporting Inclusion and Dignity:
100% Compliance with
Austin’s Restroom Signage Ordinance 

The Law
In 2014 Austin joined Philadelphia and Washington D.C. in becoming the third U.S. city to adopt regulations requiring all businesses to install gender-nonspecific signs for single user public restrooms, including restrooms accessible only to employees.

Under the new regulations, all existing businesses are required to replace their current gender-specific signs with gender-nonspecific signs. The type, size, and design of the new signs are the responsibility of the business owner. These requirements also apply to remodels and new construction.

Examples of Gender Nonspecific (or Gender Inclusive) Signs
Check out what we mean by gender nonspecific signs here, or click the image.

This IS a gender nonspecific sign_PeeInPeace__Censored2Celebrated

The Challenge in Austin
Despite these regulations (Ordinance No. 20141211-211), which went on the books as of December 2014, most businesses in Austin have yet to re-label their single-stall restrooms and become compliant – and most of those who have not yet complied don’t yet know it’s required (and punishable by a fine!).

The Goal for Austin
The Censored2Celebrated team has publicly committed to ensuring 100% signage compliance in all single-stall restrooms across every one of Austin’s 42,000 businesses by November 16, 2016 – just in time for the Transgender Day of Remembrance/Transgender Day of Resilience 2016.

To do this within the given time-frame we need to cover the cost of a small staff to manage the project and its volunteers, print promotional materials, provide signs for small and nonprofit businesses where purchasing and installing signs would create a financial hardship, and all the other expenses related to such a large initiative.

Our goal for the entire 12 months of costs is just $84,000, and equates to only $2 per business. (How many businesses will you choose to support?)

Who Does This Affect?
Gender nonspecific restrooms mean that parents can assist their children across the gender spectrum in the same restroom without worrying about reactions from others. It means a father needing to change the diaper of his newborn on a changing table can do so. It means a person with a disability needing support from a caregiver of a difference gender can have the privacy they need. And it means every person of any gender identity (including gender neutral, gender nonconforming, or transgender), and anyone with a nonconforming gender expression can pee in peace.

We Believe
We believe that everyone deserves the same basic human dignities, which include respect and privacy. We also believe everyone deserves the right to feel included.

At its most basic level, this means we MUST offer equal dignity, respect, and privacy when it comes to using restrooms in public and commercial establishments.

Public signage changes behavior, and shapes social norms. (Just look at the power of No Smoking signs in shaping America’s smoking habits, or how “Colored” versus “White” signs enforced separate and unequal Jim Crow laws.)

If we change the signs, we change the world.

Imagine along with our CEO & Founder, Melita Noël Cantú, MA, as she presented at the Austin Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 event on November 21, 2015.

Imagine for a moment if someone had created safe space for you to feel celebrated. Not just accepted, BUT celebrated? Imagine if you now choose to consciously create safe space for another person in your life who deeply needs to explore their authentic selves. What would that look like? How could this one act of quiet celebration change someone’s life?

Signage can be such an act of quiet celebration – at an individual, and cultural, level.

Will you help?
Your donation of $4 (equaling 2 businesses sponsored) will make it possible for us to ensure that Austin is in compliance within one year – just in time to celebrate the good news at next year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance event.

Support the basic human dignity
to #PeeInPeace here

Level of Support Options

We commit to going above and beyond to ensure 100% compliance at Austin’s 42,000 businesses, and collaborating with stakeholders nationally, to create safety through restroom signage for all throughout the USA.

#PeeInPeace bumpersticker


Level of Support Options

Why Donate?
Can you imagine planning your whole day around what restroom will be safe to use? Some people – especially transgender people – do this, and often have medical consequences as a result.

Check out what Ivan Coyote, author and storyteller, says about why single stall restrooms are so important for trans people – and ALL of us.

Powerfully said #IvanCoyote. #PeeInPeace
Support 100% of Austinites being able to #PeeInPeace by 11.16.16 here: http://igg.me/at/PeeInPeace/x/12809685

Posted by From Censored to Celebrated on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Communication with City staff & Austin’s LGBTQ+ Community LiaisonI Did you know that Austin’s ordinance was co-authored by a committee composed the Health & Human Services Department’s LGBTQ Cultural Competency Workgroup, Planning & Development, and the Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce?

DId you Know_NO Increase in restroom assaults in Austin_Censored2Celebrated

According to Charles Loosen, Austin’s LGBTQ+ Community Liaison, this committee determined that the most balanced course of the implementation single-stall restroom ordinance in Austin is to:

  • Require all newly permitted builds and remodels to introduce the signage at the time of construction or renovation.
  • Announce the ordinance’s requirements to all area businesses that offer public restroom accommodations.
  • In order to account for rapidly changing language standards, the needs of differently-abled patrons, and the existence of family changing restrooms, avoid strict mandates of language, imagery, or icons on signage.
  • Develop a complaint-driven process through 311 by which residents may report non-compliant public accommodations and thereby trigger code enforcement to resolve the issue.

Did you Know_MORE safety with ATX Ordinance_Censored2Celebrated (1)

Here’s what Mayor Adler said at a recent press conference in October 2015. (Not only are single stall restrooms now safer, and more accessible, for all, but also the city will be providing transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits to city employees as of January 2016!)

Call to Action

Click on the SmartSign logo to see signs, and mention Censored2Celebrated to get your discount.

Click on the SmartSign logo to see signs, and mention Censored2Celebrated to get your discount.

Thanks to our fantastically supportive sponsors at SmartSign, you can get a discount when you purchase All Gender Restroom signs here.
(Email Katelyn about the discount.)


Support this celebratory work!
We are a small, mama-owned business, with a family to feed and house. While we love celebrating, we need support to help us with the behind-the-scenes work. Thanks you helping us change the world for everyone to #PeeInPeace!

You will receive a copy of our poster to download when you DONATE $4+ on PayPal here.

Level of Support Options

How do I talk with businesses about this poster?
We request that you use the Censored2Celebrated #PeeInPeace poster to have a dialogue with businesses, not post the signs yourself on private property. You may also call 3-1-1 to report non-compliance.

Are you outside of Austin? Contact us if you’d like to talk about how we can collaborate to bring the #PeeInPeace project to your hometown.

In celebration,
Melita Noël Cantú, MA

Melita Inara Noël, MA
CEO & Founder
aka “Rainbow Celebrator Extraordinaire”

PS: Can I ask you a favor? This is a labor of love and celebration of the power of individuals coming together to make change. Please take a moment to donate $4 dollars or more to support Austin to become 100% compliant by November 16, 2016.

Support the basic human dignity
to #PeeInPeace here

Level of Support Options

In celebration of our generous sponsors…

First Founding Members_PeeInPeace_Censored2Celebrated
Official Project Supporters
Rachel Flood Page
Victoria Darling

Silver Sponsors
Alexis Pasqua
Anne Swan
Briana L. Healy
Julie Flood Page
Anna Q. Nguyen
Mariela Jaskelioff & Tom Welch, Jr.

How do I become a sponsor?
Donate safely on PayPal sponsor #PeeInPeace to show your solidarity in celebrating local businesses in Austin – and ultimately internationally – that ensure safety through diversity and inclusion! Ask about perks – including posters, decals, invitations to webchats, and a dinner with our team – that are included with your donation.

Available Sponsorship Levels:

  • Gold Sponsors
  • Platinum Sponsors
  • Triple Diamond Sponsors
  • Founding Members
Level of Support Options

You may also send us a check – contact Melita here.

Contact us with any questions, comments, or celebrations.

Keep scrolling to read Austin’s Ordinance in full…

Restrooms: For all genders?

From the gender binary on single stalls to…City of Austin

ORDINANCE NO. 20141211-211



All Gender Restroom sign

…this: All Gender Restroom sign             Design by Sam Killermann                          Sold by SmartSign.com (ask for the discount!)

PART 1. City Code Title 4 (Business Regulation and Permit Requirements) is amended to add a new Chapter 4-16 (Commercial Facilities) to read as follows:



(1) GENDER NEUTRAL SIGNAGE means a sign that indicates a restroom without preference to a specific gender.

(2) PRIVATE OR PRIVATE USE RESTROOM means plumbing fixtures in residences and apartments, private bathrooms in hotels and hospitals, and restrooms in commercial establishments where the fixtures are intended for the use of a family or an individual and are accessible only from a private room or office.

(3) SINGLE-USER RESTROOM means a lockable restroom available for an individual for use with or without assistance.


This article applies to single-user restrooms within commercial facilities that are not private or private use restrooms. This article is an additional requirement to those already required by the City Code.


(A) A single-user restroom subject to this article must have gender-neutral signage.

(B) A person with control over a commercial facility with at least one single-user restroom shall install and maintain gender-neutral signage for each single-user


(A) A person who violates or fails to comply with a requirement of this article

(B) An offense under this article is a Class C misdemeanor offense, punishable in

PART 2. This ordinance takes effect on December 22, 2014.

PASSED AND APPROVED  December 11 , 2014 §

PDF: Final Ordinance of Austin’s Gender signs 20141211-211

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