Along with many of you, we have been especially inspired by the series NBC has been doing on Transgender Kids. Today, we are focusing on celebrating Jacob and his family.

Here’s a powerful excerpt from a letter that Mimi wrote to her son, Jacob, on his 5th birthday:

#ItGetsAwesome #CelebrationStories #DSG“And it is because I no longer fear: the outcomes, the medical interventions, the bigotry, that I will not be filing this birthday letter in a box in our attic with those of earlier years.

Rather, momentarily, I will set these words free — relinquishing my control over their trajectory and destination. Their intent is to provide comfort and strength to another mother or father with an aching heart. To provide the message: It doesn’t get better. It gets awesome.

Click here to see the interview with Jacob and his family on the Today Show.

At From Censored to Celebrated, we believe that it is vital to celebrate powerful stories about diverse sexuality and gender (DSG). We believe that celebrating can be a powerful way to dramatically decrease self and cultural censorship, and counteract the deadly effects of censorship.

Watch this video clip with Krysti Ryan on #Censored2Celebrated about her preliminary research findings about “Parenting Outside the Gender Box.”


Watch this 1-minute video about why we think it’s so important to celebrate DSG.


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