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What is a Gender Nonspecific Sign?

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What is a Gender Nonspecific Sign?
This is a great question, and one about which there is a lot of confusion.

First of all, a lot of people and places mistakenly use the term “gender neutral” to mean inclusive of all genders. While the language is constantly changing, and can be very confusing as a result, it is our understanding that gender neutral is an identity.  Additionally, the Censored2Celebrated team thinks that gender nonspecific is more clear when discussing signage for restrooms.

For instance, in Austin, Texas, the male/female sign below is considered compliant with the “gender neutral” signage city ordinance. This means that, as it currently stands, a business with this sign on their single-stall restroom would not be fined as being out of compliance.

However, according to our source at the city, it is not the preferred sign as it reinforces the gender binary. Our goal at Censored2Celebrated is to encourage conversations all over the City – and with every high school Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) we can visit – to talk about why signage is so important to creating safe space for everyone in public places like restrooms.

While your city or town may define this differently, and it’s important to check on the legal specifics, we’re here to offer some guidelines that should work to make most every public space more safe for all of us to pee in peace.

This ISN’T a gender nonspecific sign.

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Let’s explore a few questions to better understand why this isn’t a gender nonspecific sign.

Question: How many genders are represented on this sign?
Answer: Just two. This is often called the gender binary.

Question: How many genders are there?
Answer: 56 genders are recognized by Facebook.
Beyond social media, the Centers for Disease Control and the US Census Bureau recognize that there are multiple genders. This is also true in countries like India.

Question: Is there a sign that can indicate restroom inclusiveness of all genders as well as the needs of differently-abled people who may need support from a caregiver of another gender, and families with different genders?
Answer: Yes! 

This IS a gender nonspecific sign_PeeInPeace__Censored2Celebrated
Other Examples of Gender NonSpecific Signs
One of Censored2Celebrated’s “First” Founding Members, SmartSign has shared their top 4 sellers of All Gender Restroom signs.

Their top-selling All Gender Restroom signs are:

  1. All Gender Restroom sign with toilet (+Braille)
  2. All Gender Restroom sign with toilet and wheelchair (+Braille)
  3. All Gender Restroom sign with no image (+Braille)
  4. All Gender Restroom sign with toilet (Round California style)All Gender Restroom sign (SmartSign)

As one of our sponsors, SmartSign has partnered with Censored2Celebrated to offer a discount on such signs. They have lots of options beyond these four, so check them out!

SmartSigns is making us signs that look like this – and are offered as PERKS when you sponsor our #PeeInPeace initiative! 

Restroom sign_PeeInPeace__Censored2Celebrated
How do I get inclusive signs like this that make it safe for ALL of us to #PeeInPeace?

We’re so glad you asked! 

  • Sponsor us and get a sign as one of your perks!

  • Email Katelyn at katelyn (at) for a discount on any inclusive signs you’d like to order directly.

Click here (or the image below) to learn more about how we’re changing the world, one restroom sign at a time.

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