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Censored2Celebrated works with your team to webcast & market your conference with a focus on celebrating diverse sexuality & gender.

Click here to watch a video we filmed  at the Gender Spectrum conference:

Interview with Isolda and Enrique of Transformando Familias at the Gender Spectrum conference in California

Joel Baum, Gender 101 presenter, reflected on this transformative experience:
“As the facilitator for the session, Gender 101: A Conference Primer, it was wonderful to present information to a full room of conference attendees in English, and to know that it was being translated into Spanish in the room and being conveyed to participants sitting in another country as well.

This work is truly world wide_Joel Baum and Mexico City_Gender Spectrum_Censored2Celebrated_July14 (2)But the enormity of this did not strike me until Melita Noël Cantú, who helped arrange this session, flashed a screenshot of the audience in El Distrito Federal.

Suddenly, it was very real that this work is truly world wide.

In so many ways, not only were understandings of gender being expanded, but also how these understandings are being shared and made meaning of.

Seeing that screen shot of 150 people committed to creating greater gender acceptance for the children and teens in their own lives left me humbled by the immense gift it is to be able to do this work.”

For more information about live webcasting for your conference or event, contact Melita here.

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