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Celebrate DSG

The Censored2Celebrated monthly webcast chat amplifies the global celebration of diverse sexuality and gender, one conversation at a time. 

Each month, Melita chats with a guest who celebrates the diversity of sexuality and gender in their life and work. Melita and her guest(s) have a “come as you are” conversation once a month for 45 minutes – join us!

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Season Two will feature guests we met along the way during our Celebration Tour

Season 2, Chat 1
Sally Ember, Ed.D.: Author & Webhost

Celebrating Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Celebrating Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Click here to see the full video and video clip about defining sexual identity.

Season 2, Chat 2
Amy G. Dalia:  Author of books celebrating Diverse Sexuality & Gender 


Season 2, Chat 3
Anna Nguyen: PFLAG Austin Board President & 
fashion maven 

Anna_Nguyen_RainbowHeader_111215_Censored2Celebrated (1)

Each month in Season Two, we’ll be diving deeper into our discoveries from the Celebration Tour 2015.

Join Melita for a Rainbow Q&A about Diverse Sexuality and Gender

Join Melita for a Rainbow Q&A about Diverse Sexuality and Gender

To launch our new season we wanted to cover some of the most common questions we covered last year in Season One, give you insight into the many reasons we align ourselves with the rainbow, and lay the groundwork for our next-level conversations focusing on the Celebration Tour

Season One: Video Clips with Censored2Celebrated Guests

Season One: Video Chats

Are you interested in being a guest on a Censored2Celebrated webcast?

Let's celebrate DSG!

Let’s amplify the celebration on Blab!

Our webcasts are featured on Blab, where you can celebrate with us by typing in questions or jumping it to ask a question, or share a comment. Catch up with Melita on Blab @mncantu

(Note: Guests are scheduled 2-4 months in advance. We are currently booked through the January 2016 webcast.)

You can connect 24/7 with Melita on social media, or by email here.

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