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A Book A Day

A Book Can Change A LifeHow can a book change – or even save – a life?
As my family and I prepare for our Celebration Tour in mid-June, we will be featuring  a book-a-day. Each donated book will be gifted to a library in one of the 22 states and 2 provinces we visit over the next 2 months.

The books celebrate themes of Diverse Sexuality & Gender (DSG), and are all gifted from our incredibly supportive community. Many of these books are gifted in honor of a family member or friend. Books can – and do – change lives.

Here’s a video clip about the Celebration Tour from young author, Tulip Lavender (aka the pen name of my 6 year old daughter):

Actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox says it so clearly when she writes about Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings’ book I Am Jazz:  “I wish I had had a book like this when I was a kid struggling with gender identity questions.”

Laverne Cox quote about "I Am Jazz"

Like inspiring people, like art, like music, books don’t just change lives – they even save lives.

HRC Research on 10,000 Youth
According to recent ground-breaking research by the Human RIghts Commission, 92% of LGBT youth “say they hear negative messages about being LGBT” mainly from “school, the Internet, and their peers.” 42% of the youth surveyed report that they live in communities that are not accepting of LGBT people. If you would like to hear more in-depth experiences from these youth, watch this video clip from my interview with Amy André, sexuality educator and advocate.

What happens when we counter these harmful, censoring messages by offering gifts of celebration? With words that are freely accessible in every community, but still private enough to access without fear of censorship?

Libraries can offer such a safe haven, and books offer such a celebration.

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

Join us in celebrating Diverse Sexuality & Gender!

Celebration Tour 2015
22 states + 2 provinces in 2 months

A Book A Day
Before our Celebration Tour adventure, I will:

  1. share a donated book-a-day (time & donations willing!)
  2. give gratitude to its donor
  3. share a favorite quote
  4. share a review
  5. offer my 2 cents about the book

Here we go!

#aBookaDay Blog

DAY 1: I Am Jazz
DAY 2: Two Boys Kissing
DAY 3: And Tango Makes Three
DAY 4: It’s Not the Stork
DAY 5: The Book of Lost Things
DAY 6: Roland Humphrey is Wearing a WHAT?
DAY 7: Red: A Crayon’s Story
DAY 8: Every Day
DAY 9: Call Me Tree
Day 10: 10,000 Dresses

How Do You Celebrate Diversity?

  • Do you have a favorite book that celebrates the Diversity of Sexuality & Gender?
  • What book changed/saved your life as a kid?

We are gifting books to libraries in 22 states & 2 provinces over the next 2 months. Connect with us during the Celebration Tour…

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In celebration~

PS: Click here to gift a book, or another book, to a library on the Celebration Tour!

Tulip Lavender on Libraries

Support Libraries & Librarians by Supporting our Celebration Tour!

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