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Celebration Tour

Celebration Tour 2015
25 states + 1 province in 7 weeks

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What is a Celebration Tour?Celebrate Living Life Fully
Simply put, a Celebration Tour is a trip that celebrates some aspect of living out loud and being fully alive. It is all about growth and blossoming. It is a living, breathing example of moving from self and/or cultural censorship to celebration.

Why Celebrate with Travel?
I have loved traveling ever since I was a little girl. While it expands my mind to see other vistas outside of my own life, meeting new people, and reconnecting with family and friends, is actually one of the main reasons that I love to travel.

When I was 8, I had my first taste of what I now call a  “Celebration Tour” on a car trip with my family when we camped in national parks all across the US, and reconnected with friends and family along the way. (This is the trip when I decided I would live in San Francisco some day – a dream I lived from 1998 – 2004.)

When I graduated with my Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies, I embarked on an adventure to visit more than 10 sex and erotica museums in Europe and the US. (My favorite was in Hamburg, Germany. Although I wish I could find the article I wrote about my adventures in 2004, here’s a blog from someone who visited some of the same museums.)

When we drove from Austin to Boston for the Art on the Roof 2012 event, my family and I visited more than 15 art museums. (Our family favorites are The Modern in Forth Worth, and Crystal Bridges in Arkansas.)

What is the Celebration Tour 2015?
Gifting books celebrating Diverse Sexuality & Gender (DSG) to public libraries in 22 states and 2 provinces in 2 months.

CelebrationTour_SparkingConversations_061515We were proud to gift the book I Am Jazz to the public library in West Biloxi, Mississippi. Thanks to the very welcoming librarian, Jackie, for spending time exploring ideas about diverse sexuality and gender with us. It was a joy to spark conversations and celebrations with you!


Celebration Tours need supporters and funding.  We are in the start-up phase, and gratefully accept monetary donations to support our celebration of diverse sexuality and gender.

(Your donation of $3, $7 or $20 or more will help us cover the costs of the Celebration Tour as we continue it into Fall 2015.)

Celebration Tour Support Levels

  • DSG  (count the letters)    $3.00 USD
  • LGBTQIA  (count the letters)    $7.00 USD
  • Countries worldwide with marriage equality JUST UPDATED!!! $20.00 USD
  • US states with marriage equality  JUST UPDATED!!!  $50.00 USD
  • Driving miles from…Burlington, VT to Montreal, QC    $94.00 USD
  • Driving miles from…Vass, NC to Philadelphia, PA    $464.00 USD
  • Driving miles from…Austin, TX to Boston, MA    $1,965.00 USD

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How can we celebrate you?
Connect with Melita by email or on Facebook with your preferred way for us to celebrate you. We’re always open to your questions, comments, and celebrations for us, too!

Celebrate Living Life Fully

Click here to see our list of 50 recommended books

Check out our Book List Celebrating Diverse Sexuality & Gender here.

Communication + Consent is Sexy
We would like to give you a shout out online about your support when you donate funds. We would also like to acknowledge your generosity with a pic of what library received your giftted book(s).

Let us know what feels celebratory to you.


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