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Who is Melita Inara Noël, MA?
Since she was 11, Melita has shared her ideas about sexuality, gender, and how to talk about these taboo aspects of our lives. After teaching a sex ed class in San Francisco for middle schoolers, Melita discovered she had a passion to expand conversations that celebrate – rather than censor – these parts of our human experience. 

Educationally, Melita attained her BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies at McGill University in Montréal, Québec. There, she assisted with research regarding gender development in pre-schoolers. Melita coordinated tutoring programs, taught second grade and middle school youth, while completing her teaching degree coursework at the University of San Francisco. She then followed her passion for celebrating diverse sexuality and gender by attaining a Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University.

She explores and shares her values of empathy, authenticity, and inclusiveness as the Vice President on the Human Empathy Project Board, newly elected Vice President of PFLAG Austin, and as a member of the Leadership Austin Emerge 2015 class – which is the Best Class Ever!

In the summer of 2015, Melita and her family embarked on the Celebration Tour road trip. They traveled to 24 states and Ontario, and gifted 27 books celebrating diverse sexuality and gender to 22 libraries. The impact was palpable as they sparked conversations about diverse sexuality and gender with more than 120 people in person – and many, many more beyond.

Celebrating "I Am Jazz" in Biloxi, Mississippi

Celebrating “I Am Jazz” in Biloxi, Mississippi

Now Melita is turning her big-hearted focus to how important it is for all of us to be able to pee in peace.


With a background in theater, music, synchronized swimming, and a love of reading and travel, Melita celebrates the ability to connect authentically

Celebrating Community in CT

with others through the power of conversation, creativity, service, and empathy.

How can Melita help you celebrate diverse sexuality and gender?

Melita expands the global conversation through her business, From Censored to Celebrated, through amplifying conversations – in person and virtually – that celebrate Diverse Sexuality and Gender (DSG). She provides free monthly webcasted chats, live conference webcasting, gender coaching, presentations for youth, families and conferences, coordination of comprehensive sex ed programs, and consultation with educational, non-profit, and faith-based organizations.

Connect with Melita here.


“this is i am so beautiful and fierce” – veda hille

Quote that Inspires - Veda Hille

Melita says:
Veda Hille – a fantastic Canadian musician – has inspired me with her music for over 20 years. These lyrics are my reminder to continue celebrating diverse sexuality & gender (DSG) even when it feels challenging, or when I feel self or cultural censorship creeping in. This quote was given to me by a sister-in-the-work, and has held a place of honor on my wall since 1995.

How do you find inspiration to move from censorship to celebration? Share about your challenges and celebrations here.

Learn more about why it’s so important to Melita to use celebration as a tool of empowerment here in her blog Gratitude for the Ability to Celebrate.

Quote_Celebration IS the way through_MelitaInaraNoël_Censored2Celebrated

connect with melita here


Celebrating Community

Celebrating Community

Support the Censored2Celebrated team’s #PeeInPeace Initiative here!

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