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Why is celebration important?

Read Melita Noël’s entire speech at the Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 event on the steps of City Hall in Austin, Texas here.


Welcome to Season Two of Censored2Celebrated!

We’ll be diving deeper into our discoveries from the Celebration Tour 2015!

To launch our new season we wanted to cover some of the most common questions we covered, give you insight into the many reasons we align ourselves with the rainbow, and lay the groundwork for our next-level conversations.

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We made it!
Celebration Tour 2015
24 states + 1 province = 7 weeks

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Celebration Tour: The Power of Conversation
I believe conversation is one of the most powerful tools for feeling empathy, connection, and creativity. A single conversation can inspire us to shift worn-out internal and external scripts we’ve absorbed from our culture. These conversation sparks can create space for celebration within ourselves, with one another, and in our communities.

Has this conversation spark ever happened to you? It happens to me all the time – especially with folks like librarians, who also think a lot about censorship.

Wilmington, DE librarian, Kerry, talks about how they are supporting teens with #GotYourBack

In this video clip, Kerry talks about how she and the team of librarians in Wilmington, Delaware are supporting teens with this GLAAD-inspired #GotYourBack Collection.

Here’s a great example of a celebratory spark that ignited during a conversation with sexuality educator, Remi Newman, on the November 2014 episode of our free #Censored2Celebrated webcast

Take 79 seconds to watch how this spark took on new life as Remi and I talked.

Who is Melita Inara Noël?

Melita Noël Cantú, MA

Melita Noël Cantú, MA, CEO & Founder
aka “Rainbow Girl”

Since she was 11, Melita has shared her ideas about sexuality, gender, and how to talk about these taboo aspects of our lives.

After teaching a sex ed class in San Francisco for middle schoolers, she discovered she had a passion to expand conversations that celebrate – rather than censor – these parts of our human experience.

How can Melita help you celebrate diverse sexuality and gender?

Connect with Melita here.

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